Thu 5 October

Me and my newfound friend

Me and my newfound friend are ready to attend the opening of "The Monkey and The Crocodile"!

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Tue 3 September

New dawn arising!

So, thus begins my new job as CEO / Artistic Director at Västerbottensteatern! It is with great humbleness I take on this task. I've been working in my new position for little over a week and it's so much fun! Especially today when it was announced  that there will be a new culture house built in Skellefteå where Västerbottensteatern is to be included! Every morning begins with the question "Where can we sit? ". Like today when one of our actresses Margaretha Niss was forced to rehearse in the conference room ...

Photo by Maria Steén may not be reproduced without her permission.

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Sun 1 October

Göran Stangertz passes away

The actor and theatre director Göran Stangertz has passed away. He was head of the Helsingborg City Theatre 2001 - 2009, and came to mean a lot to me during the years that I was there. Also, we werwe at one point neighbors when I was a child. Göran was 68. Thank you for everything. Rest in peace.

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Fri 6 August


How fast summer passes ! It began with me and other members of   TRYCK ( an organisation for black svarta cultural workers) met our collagues in London. What fun! And so,so inspiring!

Then I left for Paristo meet family!

But actually I long for the fall a bit (sorry!) because so many exciting things are taking place then...

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Sun 1 April

Giron/Kiruna !

Back in Giron/Kiruna ! Giron is the sami name for Kiruna. It means ptarmigan, the little white winter bird and it's also the name of the theatre.

It'll take some time before spring finally arrives to Lappland...

The Giron Sami Theatre !

This was just one of many amzingly beautiful days!

Me and Neo walked in thick snow every day!

My little guy, Neo, soon to be nine (!) years old.

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