Wo Feh Cultural Centre

Culture, childrens library, theatre, dance, museum, musik, film

Painting by S. Korkordi

I believe in mans innate ability to grow and expand his mind when the opportunity is given for this. I believe that culture has the explosive force needed to initiate this growth.

After working for four years in Ghana with the project "African Cinderella" I once again realized the tremendous power, which a theater can have on its audience! This has made ​​me want to do more theater in Ghana, but also facilitate other forms of cultural expression.

A cultural center in the heart of Accra could create a whole new generation of young people interested, not only in culture, but in building a nation and increase democratic nvolvement.  Since culture makes us reflect on ourselves and the society we live in.

The center would consist of three cultural activities, a theater, a children's library and a small museum, supported up by three commercial verskamheter, a restaurant, a small hotel and a museum shop. The idea is to create long term sustainability that is not dependent on government funding.

Wo Feh is the Ga language and means "all of us".


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