Tue 3 September

New CEO and Artistic Director at The Västerbottens Theatre

The Västerbottens Theatre, Fransesca Quartey, new CEO Västerbottensteatern


As a newcomer to the Västerbotten region and teh city of Skellefteå it is with pride and great pleasure that I welcome you to a new and exciting autumn season here at The Västerbotten Theatre !

A season that will allow us to see the world and ourselves from every possible nook and cranny. As we give you a delicate story from a hospital , a musical  about a call center in Bastuträsk and a reflection on contemporary life and how we are all stuck in the mesh that is woven from computer to computer . We also have storytelling theater for the very young. A tale from the African plains which found its way over the sea and into our  soil here in Västerbotten. And then I've not even begun talking about our guest performances, popular lunch and after-work programs or the fantastic activities that our youth section Ung Hästen does.  All I can say is - come feel the power !

When I in the fall of 2012 accepted the job as head of Västerbottensteatern I had, I must admitt, a somewhat unclear picture of the region. I knew that this was a region that took its writers and its hockey games equally seriously, but I knew almost nothing about the people who lived there or the places that they came from. Places with magical names like Dorothea, Wilhelmina and Sorsele.

I've always had a soft spot for the northern part of Sweden. I have worked both in Sundsvall and in Girón ( Kiruna) and feel that the people up north exude a special kind of hospitality that I like very much. Still nothing could have prepared me for the warm welcome I met since I got here.

Wherever I have gone I have been heartily greeted and made to feel welcome. And all I have met have wished me luck in my new endeavours. And with all this my heart has blossomed.

I would therefore like to take this opportunity to  say that I intend to cherish and treasure that trust that has been given to me. And no matter where you live in the region, I truly hope that you will feel that Västerbottensteatern is your theater !

Francesca Quartey, Artistic Director / CEO


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